Dihl Onyx 50L Black Sensor Bin Barbie XHTQTUZTC

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Keeps kitchen sink utensils handyLarge compartment for bottlesSmaller compartment for scourersRail for cloths and sponge-holderDisassembles for cleaning

If your sink or windowsill is strewn with washing-up sponges and scourers, or they're just tossed into the under-sink cupboard, the ILO Sink Tidy is just what you need. With separate storage areas designed to keep all the tools you need ready to hand, and easy to take apart for cleaning, this two-tone, white and grey holder makes a smart addition to any sink-side.Designed exclusively for Lakeland, this sink tidy has special holders and compartments for your washing-up liquid, brush, scourer and sponges and also a rail for your dishcloth so it dries quickly to minimise bacteria build-up. With drainage channels and special cutaway corners it's easy to pour water away, and rubber feet to stop it from sliding around.About the ILO rangeThis smart, contemporary range of equipment for your kitchen sink is designed to make it easier to wash and dry your dishes and to keep the whole sink area clean and tidy too. Every piece drains efficiently, is easy to wash and accommodates as wide a variety of crockery, cutlery or sink-side cleaning tools as possible. What's more, the muted two-tone white/grey or green/white colour schemes will slot seamlessly into any style of kitchen.16 x 11.5 x 14cm H.

16 x 11.5 x 14cm H.

Dihl Onyx 50L Black Sensor Bin Barbie XHTQTUZTC

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