Acctim Radio Controlled Alarm Clock 229692666 KEZAYXDHD

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Radio Controlled (UK & Ireland only) - Tuned to the UK's Atomic Clock transmitter. Featuring fully automatic set-up and adjustment to summer/winter time changes.Gloss White Case with Chrome Bezel.Multi-function LCD Display Showing Time, Day, Date, Moonphase & Indoor Temperature.Alarm Function and Backlight at the Push of a Button.Dimensions: HWL: 9.6 x 9.8 x 5.4cm 0.14kg - Requires 2x AA Battery (not included).

Like any receiver the clock needs a good signal to work properly. The main causes of reception failure might be atmospheric and local interferences, interference from electric equipment e.g. TV, computer or radios, reduced local signal due to steel framed structure, location of the clock internal receiver within the building etc. The following suggestion may help improve reception of the MSF signal: Checking that the battery/ies are new and in good condition. Checking that the battery/ies are inserted correctly. Try rotating the clock as the internal receiver that picks up the signal is most effective when it is facing directly towards or away from Anthorn. Trying to move the clock to a new location away from any electrical equipment e.g. TV, computer or radios, and starting the set up again or removing the battery/ies and Inserting again after 5.30pm. Due to local interference the signal is stronger between midnight & 5am.' Note: To maintain the accuracy Radio Controlled clock will automatically search for UK time signal update every day. Whilst the clock is in the signal receiving mode, to reduce the interference the seconds hand will move & remain at 12 o'clock position until the signal is received.'

Acctim Radio Controlled Alarm Clock 229692666 KEZAYXDHD

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