400 LED Battery Powered Outdoor Multi Action Lights White FREE Batteries HZCVUMDXF

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Battery powered - FREE Batteries are included with this item! No need for an electrical socketCan now be used outdoors! - fully weatherproof battery pack, Multi action function (8 different settings)Built in timer - 6 hours on and 18 hours off (you can select when you wish the lights to turn on and it will pre-set to this time every evening)No trailing power wires, Upto 30 days use from 3 'D Cell' batteriesSuper bright LED bulbs, Ideal for decoating trees, hedges and around the home

Length of lights: 40m Supplied with 0.3m / 30cm of cable from the battery compartment to the first LED New battery powered lights which can be used outdoors and come complete with a multi function controller and built in timer. Simply pop the batteries in and place either around the home or garden. When you turn the lights on for the first time a built in memory chip will recognise this and then each day automatically turn the lights on at the sametime for 6 hours and then off for 18 hours. It really is that simple. You also have the choice of 8 multi functions including static, slow fade and a merry flash! The battery compartment is fully weatherproof. Battery powered Christmas lights are a safe and hassle free way to light up your home this festive season and available in a variety of colours and sizes ranging from 50 LED's upto 600 LED's. * The upto 30 day use is based on the lights being 6 hours on/18 hours off, set to FLASHING function & powered using leading brand alkaline batteries.

400 LED Battery Powered Outdoor Multi Action Lights White FREE Batteries HZCVUMDXF

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