1MORE Triple driver In-Ear Headphones Hi-Res Audio Earphones with Microphone and Remote Control GFPDRMZLM

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Three Drivers- two balanced armatures (tweeters) and a dynamic driver (woofer) create balanced soundHi-Res audio certified - High resolution audio restores the sound more completelyLightning connector built-in decoding chip to transmit digital audio for hifi music. Lightweight aluminum alloy bodyErgonomic design- beveled design matches the ear canal, comfortable to wear, ear tips includedIntelligent control- the Mic and 5-directional button allow you to make calls, play music on iPhone iPad

Place 1in the U.S. ranking: The in-ear headphones the boy Riser brand 1More. Co-developed by Clay engineering and 4times Grammy Award winner Luca Bignardi. "LUXURY feeling and richer sound", so delight urteilt also this renowned U.S. online magazine c|net with this premium in-ear headphones. And further: "The Triple Driver Sound is an Unfassbares sound pleasure". Winner of the Best of Show Awards The Canjam Europe Messe 2016in the category of headphone Portable). Could not be more a second ear pieces available in this price range an enormous sound richness High Resolution music work in exactly the same way again. This allows the patented hybrid driver's architecture. At the same time controls one of each balanced armature driver to install the High and Medium tones. A third, dynamic-Driver enhances the results surpassed all expectations as the bass. They make an extremely accurate sound experience with dynamic power and clarity. A patented layer membrane provides pleasant balance all frequencies from 20-40.000Hz (instead of often only 20,000Hz). The outer shells of the membrane are made of PET plastic, the middle layer is a precious metal. The extremely light material captures the sound transducers very quickly-perfect for a bright, warm highs. The compared to, the soft, elastic pet guarantees full middle tones and surprisingly powerful bass. Therefore, the effects of the different frequencies are optimally balanced and the latest Intel further improved. Only a selection keen Media tuning: at optimal comfort, the 1More Triple earphones delivers a performance, such as one you may expect from a $1000to in-ear headphones. " Hometheaterreview. com "Best In-Ear Headphones 2016under 150/& # x20AC;." Test Note "Very Good", 5of 5sternen. Inearkopfhoerer tests. de, 06/2016"You may be surprised. From the Crowd with a New Name sets new standards in the area of the Portable Music. 1More. Of a powerful sounds to the slim, delicate tones Masters of the 1More triples the entire audio range souvern. mymac. com, 03/201

1MORE Triple driver In-Ear Headphones Hi-Res Audio Earphones with Microphone and Remote Control GFPDRMZLM

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